How to support your food bank during the COVID-19 pandemic

graphic showing that $1 can provide up to 4 meals.

In the early months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shocked our world and turned our ideals upside down. Not only did it feel like we were in uncharted territory, the need for food and other essential items increased exponentially.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies (WFBR) has nearly doubled its food distribution throughout the state. If you want to donate food, October and November is the perfect month to add some cans to your grocery list and donate to Gobble Gobble Give, our fall fundraising event! The food must be non-perishable and unopened, and glass containers and items that can be crushed are to be avoided!

The best way to give to a food bank is to donate money. Food drives are more expensive, time consuming, and don’t yield as much food as donating money. Recruiting volunteers to clean, date check, and sort through the food received, as well as the cost of transporting the food to our partners, can add up to a great deal of money and time spent on a donation.
If you are curious, this concept broken down even further on our website at

You may be wondering exactly how the donated money is used. For of every $1 donated, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies can help provide 4 meals to hunger insecure Wyomingites!

Check out this great YouTube video that shows how the dollar is better!

WFBR understands that we are in a stressful time with the COVID-19 pandemic, but if you are comfortable with leaving your home, WFBR is always in need of volunteers! We have volunteer opportunities Tuesday through Saturday, and groups are always welcome! WFBR could not have supported our community without the help of the amazing volunteers that come in and help fight hunger and feed hope in the great state of Wyoming!

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies supports all of Wyoming, and that would not be possible without all the support put back into the food bank by our Wyoming individuals and communities.



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