Strategic Plan

Looking ahead with purpose.

We recently undertook a holistic, meaningful collaboration between our community, staff, leadership team, and board to define the core strategies and initiatives that will help us continue to best serve the communities we call home. Our plan is designed to focus our time, talent, and resources on the things we need to do to achieve our mission of “igniting the power of community to nourish people facing hunger.”

Our Core Strategies Include

volunteers loading food boxes into trunk of car

Community Partnerships

Build strategic and collaborative partnerships and alliances in service to one another and influence thought leadership.

Operational Excellence

Improve and streamline our systems and processes to support and enhance our ability to serve our constituents.

To achieve these strategies, we will focus on:

Growth & Expansion

Identify and develop diverse, sustainable streams of revenue to fuel growth and maximize impact.

Leadership & Team Development

Invest in leadership and people to provide a vibrant, healthy culture that supports our mission.

Technology & Infrastructure

Invest in technology and infrastructure to improve efficiency, access, and effectiveness in achieving our mission

line of cars at food distribution event

Our strategic plan is a work in progress.

Because we live in a rapidly changing world, we will conduct regular reviews designed to assess our strategic plan and monitor our progress. We’ll adjust our plan as needed based on changing dynamics, internally and externally. This spirit of continuous adaptation is central to the work that helped create our strategic plan, and it’s a critical aspect of moving beyond a plan towards reality.

Help us achieve our goals, now and in the future.