Give Food

Food is our first name. Food is our first priority.

Nourishing our communities starts with nourishing their bodies. Nearly 60% of the food we distribute comes from the generous donations of retailers, wholesalers, farmers, and the food industry. We partner with organizations big and small to reduce food waste and source high quality, nutritious food. We also gratefully accept food donations from individuals and our community, all of which helps us help those in need.

A note to our generous individual and community donors.

We can’t tell you enough how meaningful it is to receive food donations from the families, individuals, and non-food industry businesses in our communities. Whether it’s part of a family tradition or a special food drive that pulls neighbors or co-workers together, there’s something transformative in the act of collecting and giving food.

We also ask you to consider how you can make the most of your kindness. When you donate funds instead of food, individually or as part of a collective fundraising effort, your gift can go even further. Using your funds, we’re able to purchase food in much larger quantities and for wholesale prices not available to the public. This means your $10 donation with us buys a lot more than your $10 buys at the grocery store.

We also offer virtual food drives (see below) that let you and your community rise up to answer the challenge of hunger.

Host a Virtual Food Drive.

Pulling together your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers for a common cause is a wonderful way to help your community. To make your efforts as impactful as possible, consider hosting a Virtual Food Drive. It’s just like a traditional food drive, except instead of collecting food you collect funds (which then let us buy food for a better price).

See just how easy it is to set up your own Virtual Food Drive.

Donations from the food industry.

We welcome ongoing partnerships and individual large-scale donations from a wide variety of generous organizations in and around the food industry. All food donations in good faith are covered by the Good Samaritan Law and could entitle you to a tax deduction. Food industry partners include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Producers/Farmers
  • Distributors
  • Grocers
  • Caterers
  • Foodservice
  • Restaurants

We can’t do any of this without your support.

Help us keep helping.