You are why we can do what we can do.

First things first—thank you. The fact that you’re reading this is a testament to your belief in the power and responsibility of community. Our mission is to ignite that potential in our communities to help our neighbors in need. And the vast majority of our resources—our funding, our food, our operating costs—are donated by incredible individuals and organizations like you. Thank you for being part of the solution.

food bank of wyoming client putting groceries in their car
wyoming food bank team holding up "thank you" sign

Give funds.

More than half of our donations come from individuals, people like you who are committed to helping.

Keep your support going strong.

Joining our FEED365™ monthly giving club lets you sustain your support throughout the year. Automatic and hassle-free for you, FEED365 helps Food Bank of Wyoming by providing a consistent and reliable funding source to power our work and show up for our community each and every day.

young child holding a bag of grapes

Rise together by hosting a virtual food drive fundraiser.

Make your donations go even further.

From stock donations to establishing a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to including Food Bank of Wyoming in your estate planning, there are several donation options that can actually increase the value and impact of your gift and ease your tax burden.

Donate your vehicle, running or not, to Food Bank of Wyoming.

Partner Promotions

One easy way to support our efforts is to check out partners who have committed to donating from their events, promotions, and fundraisers to Food Bank of Wyoming.

Honor someone with a gift that helps others.

Give food.

From neighborhood food drives to robust grocery rescue and corporate donor programs, we rely on high quality food donations to provide for people in need.

food boxes at distribution event