Group Volunteers (5+ people)

outdoor mobile food pantry in the winter

Together for good.

We’ve seen it happen so many times. When you volunteer at Food Bank of Wyoming as a group, you bond over the simple act of helping others together. It could be a group organized by your company or company. It could be your classmates or teammates. It could be in the service of honoring someone or your community. It could be friends, neighbors, family — we’ve seen all kinds of groups and we appreciate each and every one for the great work they do.

How to get started as a volunteer group.

Step 1: View our group calendar.

You’ll be able to see group volunteer opportunities for the next three months. Select a date and time that will accommodate your group size. Please note: You cannot sign your group up on the calendar; this is for informational purposes only and you will need to complete Step 2 as described.

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Step 2: Email our Volunteer Team.

For groups, we ask that you email our Volunteer Team directly to reserve your group spot. This helps us coordinate and find the best possible alignment between volunteer needs and group desires. Please include the following:

  • Group Name
  • Preferred Date
  • Shift Time
  • Number of people in your group

Step 3: We will email you back!

Once you submit your group shift reservation via email, a member of our Volunteer Team will reply with a unique registration link for you to share with your group members. This registration link is unique to your group and cannot be accessed from our website or volunteer portal. Your group is not confirmed until you receive this link.

Schedule & Tasks

Most of our volunteer opportunities take place in an active warehouse setting. Many (but not all) of our opportunities require the ability to move freely, stand, walk for long periods of time, bend, reach, and lift up to 30 pounds. Please notify a Volunteer Coordinator if there are any limitations (physical or developmental) that we should be aware of, so we can best accommodate you.

Our needs change daily. We place volunteers in areas as needed to ensure we are effectively fulfilling our mission.

Please email or call 307-265-2172 if you have any questions about volunteering.

People outside with boxes of milk in parking lot while snowing

Age Eligibility

Volunteers must be at least 10 years old. Any volunteers under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers must be 16 years or older to volunteer on their own.

Prior authorization is required by the Volunteer Department for all younger volunteers. We do not offer childcare at any of our sites.

Chaperone Policy for Volunteers Under Age 16: We ask that groups follow the 1:5 ratio (adult to children) as best as possible. This ensures the group has adequate adult supervision so younger volunteers can participate safely within a warehouse setting.

Dad and teen boy volunteering by packing canned goods.

Volunteer Check-In Location

252 Blackmore Road
Evansville, WY 82636

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