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Can I Host a Food Drive?

Yes. Of Course You Can!
Cleaning out your cupboards a few times a year is encouraged to prevent waste while helping others.

Consider donating to Wyoming’s largest scheduled food drives like Gobble Gobble Give, (October & November), and the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive (2nd Saturday in May). Donating to these large drives is a more efficient way to help WFBR and our partner agencies and a great way to share nutritious, nonperishable, unopened food and toiletry items you’ve purchased but don’t plan to consume or use.

We know how much you want to help and we want your efforts to do the most good!

Did you know only 1% of the food we distribute comes from community food drives?

While we certainly accept non-perishable food and essentials, food drives can actually be cumbersome, costly and time consuming for all involved. Because we’re able to procure food at wholesale or lower costs, we hope you’ll consider some fun, new ways to give back.

What Happens With Traditional Food Drives?

  • When food is collected, donors either go shopping and pay full price for food or they clean out their pantries.
  • They must take the food to the collection location.
  • Food is stored during the drive and then delivered to our warehouse or picked up by our drivers.
  • Every item must be inspected, sorted, cleaned if needed and re-boxed for distribution.
  • Sometimes jars break and cans get dangerously dented, so some food ends up getting thrown away.
  • Some donated items are too old or unsafe to distribute.
  • Sometimes our barrels are mistaken for trash cans and we have to make sure any trash is discarded and items that come in contact with it are cleaned or thrown away.

Why Is Money Better?

  • We can distribute 5 pounds of food (4 meals) for every dollar we receive!
  • Food comes in or we pick it up by the truckload from grocers, manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and ranchers.
  • Most if it is ready to distribute and requires less handling.
  • We can also distribute fresh produce and perishable frozen and refrigerated foods.
  • No donation is too small! Even a quarter can provide a meal to someone in need.
  • 96 cents of every dollar we receive goes to our food distribution program.
  • We’re accredited by the BBB and have held a 4-star (highest) rating from Charity Navigator for 8 consecutive years, putting us in the top 2% of charities nationwide! We will use your donations wisely.

We’re here to assist with ideas that can nourish our hungry neighbors.

Consider adding a virtual food drive to your traditional food drive!

Please consider hosting a virtual food drive instead of, or in addition to a traditional drive. It’s effective, secure and convenient to set up on our website! You’ll get your own page to customize and a link to share via email and social media.

Create a competition at your office or for your team or group and see who can raise the most, all without driving to the store or collecting cans.

If you’re celebrating a special event or remembering/honoring a friend or loved one, you can host a virtual food drive too.

$1 = 5 pounds of food.
A $20 donation can fill an entire barrel full of food!

Learn More and Get Started

Don’t just take our word for it.
Adam does a great job explaining why you should let food banks do the shopping.