Local Food Purchasing Grant Supports Local Growers, Provides Food to Neighbors in Need

a farmer harvesting potatoes

Food Bank of Wyoming is thrilled to announce it’s been awarded the Local Food Purchasing Agreement (LFPA) Grant, which will allow the organization to purchase food from local and underserved farmers and producers to distribute to communities across Wyoming that need it most. This important grant allows Food Bank of Wyoming to support Wyoming’s local growers, while continuing to provide food to neighbors in need.

Food Bank of Wyoming has long been focused on a sustainable approach to nourishing Wyoming neighbors facing hunger, with a deep commitment to providing fresh produce. This is as crucial for growing children as it is for adults trying to maintain good health. The LFPA grant further amplifies Food Bank of Wyoming’s capacity to source fresh, nutritious food for Wyoming residents, while helping to build and expand economic opportunities for local and underserved Wyoming producers.

“One of our biggest goals at Food Bank of Wyoming is to ensure everyone in Wyoming has access to high-quality fruits, vegetables, and protein. This grant supports that goal and further allows us to source food from local growers so we can ensure access to nourishing, energy-sustaining food for all — food that promotes a nutritious life and keeps our Wyoming neighbors thriving,” says Food Bank of Wyoming Executive Director, Rachel Bailey.

As Wyoming’s growing season is about to flourish, the grant comes at an opportune time for Food Bank of Wyoming to procure and distribute local and regional produce that is healthy, nutritious, and unique to Wyoming’s geographic area. Due to Wyoming’s short growing system, Food Bank of Wyoming will work diligently to locate and source both produce and protein from local producers during this critical and fruitful time of year.

The need for food assistance in Wyoming is profound as many families are facing hunger for the very first time. Food Bank of Wyoming is a resource for all Wyoming residents facing food insecurity. The LFPA Grant will further support Food Bank of Wyoming’s mission to reduce hunger while ensuring Wyoming neighbors receive fresh produce that supports a nutritious diet.


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