Making a difference now and for the future.

Answering the challenge of hunger means meeting today’s needs while developing strategies to address longer-term difficulties. It means striking a balance between large-scale capabilities and local connections. Ultimately, we provide food to people in need, and the impact of that — whether you look at regional statistics or into the eyes of a thankful family — is measurable.

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Numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Every day we hear how our collective efforts have made a difference in the lives of our neighbors near and far. We invite you to hear their stories and listen to the difference we’re all making, together.

Our impact by the numbers.

While COVID-19 has dramatically impacted every facet of how we serve communities across Wyoming, here’s a quick look at how our overall process functions.

Funding fuels operations through donations and ongoing foundational support.

4-STAR RATING: Charity Navigator, 13 years running

Food comes from grocery rescue and donations. We also buy in bulk to help funds go further.


Staff & Volunteers work every day to organize and distribute food to our partners and programs.

3,400+ VOLUNTEERS help sort, box, and distribute food and necessities in a typical year

Hunger Relief Partners (like food pantries) sign up to receive and distribute our food, including through mobile pantries that go where needs aren’t able to be met through brick and mortar locations.

150+ HUNGER RELIEF PARTNERS service all 23 counties across Wyoming

Direct Programs
include Totes of Hope™ for kids, deliveries for homebound older adults, emergency relief, and more.

UP TO 54,000 TOTES are distributed to provide nutritious weekend food to children and their families

Programs make it possible.

We provide food and necessities to more than 160 Hunger Relief Partners across Wyoming, partner organizations who then provide their local communities with food, necessities, and support. We also operate our own direct programs, including food support programs for children, older adults, and families facing difficult times.

Learn more about our programs and see how you can help.

Help us keep helping.

We can’t do any of this without your support.