Innovating to Serve Our Community with Strength in 2023

KeyBank donation site in 2023

We look forward to a day when all Wyomingites have access to the resources they need to thrive, including enough nutritious food to nourish themselves and their family. No one should have to choose between paying rent or buying quality food. But until that day comes, we at Food Bank of Wyoming will be there for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

Currently, Food Bank of Wyoming is focused on listening to our Hunger Relief Partners and donors and being responsive to the challenges they face. By coming up with innovative solutions to help our partners expand their capacity, grow their volunteer bases, and improve financial resources, we can help them more equitably serve their communities and get food to anyone who needs it. And by being available to our donors, we will be able to ensure they know their donations are being used effectively and strategically to serve our Wyoming neighbors. That is why we have devoted our efforts to return to the foundations of customer service.

In the seven months I have been in this position, I have witnessed communities coming together with strength and resilience to support neighbors in need during historic inflation and continued fallout from the pandemic. With upwards of 10% of Wyomingites facing food insecurity — including thousands of children — it is inspiring to see individuals and organizations working together to address food insecurity, local food solutions, and the root causes of poverty across the state. Food Bank of Wyoming is working to be the very best partner and ensure we are able to meet every community’s needs to nourish our Wyoming neighbors.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to end hunger in Wyoming. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Rachel Bailey
Executive Director



Myriam Wolcott, Programs Manager

In 2023, Food Bank of Wyoming is excited to embark on a state-wide listening tour. This will involve our executive director, Rachel Bailey, and members of our team traveling across Wyoming to meet with our Hunger Relief Partners to gather feedback and insights, and assess concerns, community needs, and capacity needs. This is in an effort to better meet the needs of every Wyomingite in need of food assistance, no matter where in the state they call home.



Richard Plumlee, Director of Operations

The Operations Team at Food Bank of Wyoming is working to create better and more frequent access to food for our Hunger Relief Partners so that they can in turn more effectively serve our neighbors across the state. Food Bank of Wyoming faces unique geographical and weather challenges within our 98,000-square-mile service area to reach all of our state’s population, and our goal is to identify innovative solutions to expand our reach into underserved Wyoming communities.

We are also striving to increase the amount of fresh produce we provide across the state in an equitable way, so that all families and individuals experiencing hunger have access to nourishing food. One way we are doing this is by hiring a Wyoming-based food sourcing manager to improve our ability to partner with more local food retailers, distributors, and producers, and expand and maximize our Grocery Rescue Program.


Donor and Volunteer Engagement

Jill Stillwagon, Director of Development

We are focused on engaging with donors and volunteers across the state in 2023. Our day-to-day operations of sourcing, purchasing, storing, and distributing food to and through our 150+ Hunger Relief Partners, 19+ Mobile Pantries, Totes of Hope™ backpack program for kids, and our food boxes for older adults are fueled by generous donors and volunteers like you. In 2023, look for the Food Bank of Wyoming team out in your community and ask us how your donations and time are being used effectively and strategically to serve our Wyoming neighbors.


We are able to provide these resources to our Wyoming neighbors thanks to you, our valued and dedicated supporters. With your backing, we are able to look forward to 2023 with hopeful anticipation and optimism, knowing that wherever there is a need, together we will find an innovative, effective way to meet it. Together, we can.


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