Cinnamon Raisin “Baked” Apple

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Yields1 Serving


 1 tbsp raisins
 1 medium apple
 ¼ tsp cinnamon
 1 tsp apple juice or water
 1 tsp maple syrup

1. Fill a liquid measuring cup with ½ cup water. Heat in the microwave until boiling.
2. Add raisins to water and let soak to plump up, at least 5 minutes. Drain and set aside.
3. Use a paring knife to cut around and remove the apple core, leaving about ¼ inch at the bottom.
4. Place apple into a microwave-safe bowl.
5. Sprinkle the hollow center of the apple with cinnamon, then fill with raisins. Top with apple juice or water and maple syrup.
6. Microwave on high power for 3 minutes. Test apple for tenderness by poking with a fork. Microwave for another 1-2 minutes as needed.
7. Serve warm with vanilla yogurt or ice cream (dairy-free if needed).

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