Partner Training

Food Safety & Civil Rights Training

Food Bank of Wyoming requires all staff and volunteers who regularly interact with program applicants or determine eligibility to complete civil rights training on an annual basis. The link below, provided NeoGov, provides all the information needed to complete the Civil Rights Training requirement.

At Food Bank of Wyoming, we require that staff with our Hunger Relief Partners are properly trained in food safety. To help you adhere to our strict food safety standards, we created an interactive food safety training for partners to follow. Our stringent processes and procedures help ensure that families facing hunger receive only nutritious, safe food from Food Bank of Wyoming. Additionally, Food Bank of Wyoming requires partners to complete the important Civil Rights Training annually to ensure fair and equitable distribution of food to our communities.

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Food Safety Documents & Forms

Answering the challenge of hunger means meeting today’s needs while developing strategies to address longer-term difficulties. It means striking a balance between large-scale capabilities and local connections. Ultimately, we provide food to people in need, and the impact of that—whether you look at regional statistics or into the eyes of a thankful family—is measurable