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Help us nourish our neighbors and donate on Wednesday, July 10 for WyoGives Day!


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Volunteering His Time, Experience, and Hope

William volunteering at the food bank
William started volunteering at Moorcroft Interfaith Community’s monthly mobile pantry in 2019. During its busiest time, the nonprofit served upwards of 2,000 families a month. / Photo by Caitlyn Barnett

For nearly four decades, William worked as a hospital nurse: in the emergency room, ICU, neonatal unit — even obstetrics, delivering 42 babies over the years. Born in Wyoming, he spent his youth moving around the United States with his family as they followed his father, a railroad construction engineer, wherever he was sent for work. In college, William fell in love and, after graduating with his bachelor of science in nursing, moved with his new wife to New Mexico and started a family.

Once their daughters were out of the house, William and his wife moved to Las Vegas. In 2012, his wife was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, and William retired to take care of her full-time. She died within the year. In 2014, he moved to Moorcroft, Wyoming, to care for his ailing father. Following his father’s death later that year, William found himself in a difficult place. He’d spent his life’s savings on medical bills for his wife and father, and suddenly was without a home, job, or purpose.

While living in a shelter near Moorcroft, William met Monte Reichenberg, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Moorcroft and the leader of Moorcroft Interfaith Community, a nonprofit that organizes the town’s food pantry. William had volunteered with a food bank when he lived in Las Vegas, and expressed his interest in helping Monte with Moorcroft’s mobile pantry, which takes place once a month in partnership with Food Bank of Wyoming. That was in 2019. Today, William is a constant presence at the mobile pantry, assisting however he’s most useful and reaching out to other people in his community who might need help.

William looking into the camera
Using his own personal experiences with loss, homelessness, and hardship, William helps community members find hope in the midst of difficult times. / Photo by Caitlyn Barnett

“It’s a nice way to meet people,” said William. “Everyone can use help sometimes. It’s a privilege to get to help others, too.”

If you’d like to join William and help your community, please consider volunteering with us today. Especially in the months of February and March we are in need of weekday volunteers. Every hour helps bring us one step closer to ending hunger in Wyoming and nourishing our neighbors facing hunger.


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