Helping People Thrive

Food is the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Hunger can be found everywhere – often where you least expect it. The homeless population represents only about 10% of our food recipients. The rest? Everyday people like low-wage workers, children, seniors on fixed incomes and individuals with health issues.

We’re working to feed them all.

COVID-19 Update
Critical service providers, such as Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, are needed now, more than ever before. We will continue operations through this crisis.

Since mid-March, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies has seen an entirely new level of food insecurity in our communities. We have provided millions of pounds thousands of people throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

We are serving many people who have lost their jobs and are facing food insecurity for the first time. More than 30 percent of the people we’re serving report never needing food assistance before this. And families who were already vulnerable have found themselves in dire need.

We’re distributing more than 2 million pounds of nutritious food weekly across the region.

Find out how we’re Leaning In to help during this current COVID-19 crisis and how you can help.

You Can be a Hunger Hero!

You might not think $1 can do much. But at Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, that dollar provides four meals!

And we depend on volunteers to help us in the warehouse so we can get food to people who need it.

Your time and funds are greatly needed.

Will you be a Hunger Hero?

Give Funds

Even a small gift can make a BIG difference. Every $1 = 4 meals for hungry people!

Give Time

Your gift of time helps hungry families eat. Groups of 1 to 100 welcome!

Want to host your own virtual food drive?

We help nearly 72,000 people each year.

As the only food bank in the entire state of Wyoming, we provide nourishing food to all 23 counties. That’s more than 8 million meals a year and over 23,000 meals each day, reaching our neighbors facing hunger.

Their stories may surprise you.

Distributing nearly 10.5 million pounds of food a year is a big number to comprehend. Behind that number are thousands of faces of people like you and me, people who need a little help. Donors don’t often get the chance to meet the people they help. Here are some of the stories of hope so you can see how your gifts make a difference.

See Roy’s Story

See more stories of people finding hope.

22,471 Meals a Day Makes an Impact.

Your gifts fuel hope for thousands of men, women and children. We reach them through many programs including:

  • Kids Programs
  • Partner Meal Sites and Pantries
  • Mobile Pantries
  • Grocery Rescue
  • Senior CSFP Boxes
See all programs

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