Real People. Real Hunger.


After unexpected major medical issues, drained their finances, Roy and his family found themselves without food. His story is one, too many Coloradans face and hunger can happen to almost anyone.

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We are always excited to hear success stories. Kymberly and her family overcame a difficult time and now they give back. We met her at Kingdom Building food pantry, a partner agency that gets 100% of their food from Food Bank of the Rockies.

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Please Help Wyoming Families Thrive!


Melody and her husband struggle to make ends meet. He suffers from a traumatic brain injury and is still waiting to receive his military retirement. She was in a car accident and can’t work. The food they receive from a nearby food pantry helps them keep the lights on and the rent paid.

Without the food bank, they’d be lost.

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On a windy, sunny October afternoon, we met Colin and his daughter while they were picking up food at Chapel Hill Church, a member agency food pantry who relies on Food Bank of the Rockies for much of their food. His daughter reads quietly in a comfy chair while Colin, a soft-spoken, hard-working family man, agrees to share his story with us. He and his wife have three young children. He works very hard at what he describes as a “hands-on” job, 60+ hours a week, yet doesn’t make enough to always make ends meet. They struggle to pay the bills. Colin tells us daycare is almost as much as rent. “It’s expensive, like renting a second apartment just for the kids,” he says. His wife stays home with the kids because daycare would actually cost them her entire
paycheck plus part of his.

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At 93, you’d never know Carmela needed help. When we interviewed her, she appeared spunky and sharp with lots of stories to tell. An adventurer, Carmela’s home was filled with treasures, photos and trinkets from all around the globe. She also showed us a few photos of her favorite celebrity, Frank Sinatra and told us her favorite Sinatra song was “My Way” because she lived such an independent life and tells us, “I did everything my way!”

Carmela remained positive, even though she was struggling with serious health issues. Thankfully, hunger wasn’t one of her struggles because her monthly food box delivery insured she had good food to eat. We were saddened to learn she passed away not long after we interviewed her. Carmela touched our hearts and we hope her story touches yours too.

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