Hurricane Relief

How You Can Help Hunger Relief Efforts

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated parts of Texas and Florida. And we all want to help.

Please DO NOT send food or other essential items directly to affected areas. Doing so actually cause more harm than help. Facilities are dealing with cleaning up the damage and don’t have space or resources to inspect, sort and re-box items that come in through food drives and well-meaning donors. Gifts of funds are greatly needed.

As a first-responder organization, our national association, Feeding America is working around the clock to help those in need during this tragedy.

Food and disaster supplies were staged throughout the regions in the days prior to the storm, allowing Feeding America food banks to rush in and deliver food, water, cleaning supplies and other essentials to communities in need.

As part of the Feeding America network of food banks, those closest to the disaster are already delivering food and emergency supplies to help people cope in the aftermath. Food Bank of the Rockies has delivered food and essentials to some of our sister food banks at their request.

Thank you for caring about those struggling with disasters. Here are the links to make your donation.


Donate to Feeding America’s national disaster fund now ›

Feeding Texas is helping to coordinate efforts throughout their state.

Feeding Florida  can direct disaster relief funds to those most affected in their region.