Quarters for Kids

Every Quarter Donated Provides a Meal for Hungry Child

Did You Know a Single Quarter Can Provide a Complete Meal for Someone Who’s Hungry?

While you can’t buy a meal for a quarter at the grocery or at a restaurant, you can donate that quarter to Food Bank of the Rockies and we can do it for you!

Starting a Kung Food Fighters Quarters for Kids Campaign is easy.
You can join with a group, maybe in your classroom or scout troop, or simply do it by yourself. We’ve got all the resources you need to get started below.

How Can I Collect Quarters?

Here are some ideas based on what other kids have successfully done:

  • Save a portion of your allowance to donate.
  • Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for a birthday or celebration.
  • Do extra chores around the house.
  • Offer to help a neighbor with some yard work or pet walking for a small donation.
  • Collect cans and take to a recycling center. Donate the amount you receive.
  • Hold a lemonade stand, sell water, baked goods, arts and crafts, etc…
  • Participate in an ______-a-thon where you can take pledges for each book you read, minute you jump rope, block you walk, etc…
  • Host a car wash for donations.
  • Host a pizza night, tea party, pool party, etc.. and ask for donations to attend

And if you have a creative idea that worked for you, please share it with us!

You Can Also Host A Virtual Food Drive

It’s easy to set up your own online campaign through our Virtual Food Drive page.  You can upload a photo and type in some information about why you want to help. You can share your personalized link on social media or through email. You can also add donations made in person to your totals so that when you bring in your funds, or work towards your goal, everything is counted.

Visit our Virtual Food Drive Page to get started. All you need is an email address.

Tips for Successful Campaign

  • Determine a realistic goal to reach and how you plan to collect your donations.
  • Set a time frame for your campaign. (1 – 2 weeks often works best to keep the momentum and excitement going strong for the whole campaign.)
  • Download or make your own flyers, posters, etc.. and get the word out.
  • Start collecting! You can use buckets with lids, seal-able plastic bags or sturdy boxes to collect your funds.
  • Wrap up your campaign and celebrate your success.
  • Deliver your funds to Food Bank of the Rockies (click here for locations and hours) or mail in funds (please deposit the funds at a bank and have your parent or guardian or organization write a check – don’t send cash through the mail.)
  • If you’re delivering your funds and would like a tour, you can schedule it by emailing us at kidsclub@foodbankrockies.org.

Tools to Download

Poster to customize (8.5″ x 11″)
Fundraising Flyers for Students

Need More Help? Have Ideas? Questions?

We’re happy to help. Just let us know. The best way to reach us is by email, or you can call 303.371.9250 and ask for our marketing department.

Thank you for giving back to hungry kids! We appreciate your support!