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Tips for a Successful Food Drive

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    Register Your Food Drive

    You can request barrels and we can track your drive. If you’re in the Denver Metro area, register here.

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    Set A Goal

    Most successful food drives are from 1 day to 2 weeks long. Consider adding a cash component to your drive. It’s often easier for people to donate their spare change and 20 cents equals 1 pound if your keeping track for a contest. Our Virtual Food Drive can be used in addition to a traditional drive. Learn more here.

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    Tell Everybody

    We offer a downloadable poster to help you spread the word. Consider sharing your drive on social media and emails to friends and family.

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    Drop Off Your Donations

    When you bring your donations to our warehouses, it saves us about $150 in fuel and labor costs. View our branch locations and hours here.

We find that most successful drives are from one day to two weeks long. Remember to promote it!
Your Virtual Food Drive can be easily promoted online through email and social media. We have posters available for you to download in Word and customize. Post some to help generate interest and give out basic information about donations most needed.
Due to the volume of food drives, Food Bank of the Rockies is unable to promote food drives other than 9Cares Colorado Shares, KS 107.5 and a few extremely large public drives at our discretion. With limited staff, we cannot offer personnel to man barrels or help with food drives beyond barrel service for drives of at least 1,000 pounds.
Yes. If you are collecting more than 1000 lbs of food (our barrels are 30 gallons and hold
approximately 150 lbs of food) – the equivalent of 6 – 8 filled barrels, you may request our help with delivery and pick-up of barrels through our food drive
form. View barrels here. If barrels are available, you can also check them out empty and return them with your donation.
If you plan on hosting a small food drive, you can use sturdy boxes to collect the items in. At the end of your food drive you can drop off your collections at
our warehouse. If dropping off food is not convenient, please consider hosting a virtual food drive.
We accept most non-perishable items (cans, jars, packages, etc..) Glass containers are accepted but discouraged due to breakage.

We also accept non-food items such as unopened pet food, unused toiletries and diapers.

We cannot accept or distribute baby food in glass jars from food drives. If received, we are required to disposed of them.

We are unable to accept items donated through food drives that are perishable, home-baked or home-canned.

While we can accept items close to or just past their use-by day, items several months past use-by dates are disposed of.

We can accept slightly dented cans (less than a dime sized dent, not on a seam or rim), we cannot accept opened or damaged items.

We can accept unused, unopened toiletries and household products.

We don’t accept used clothing or household goods like appliances or furniture.

Yes. It must be processed and labeled by a USDA approved facility and frozen after processing.
Bringing in your donations to our warehouses saves us about $150 in fuel and labor costs.

Each warehouse has different hours for food drive drop offs, so please visit our contact page for maps and details.

You can reach out directly to our branch office through the contact information at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.
Please visit their website, to get in touch with a local representative.

Host a Virtual Food Drive

It’s easy to set up your own page and
let friends, family and co-workers join you in feeding our community.

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