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Tell Congress TEFAP and SNAP are Important – Ask them to Oppose the Current Proposed Budget!

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The proposed tax plan would reduce charitable giving by up to $130 billion over the next decade and 95 percent of taxpayers would no longer benefit from a tax incentive to give.Without contributions from our community, our organization’s ability to serve would be in jeopardy and hungry men, women and children would struggle even more.

Please act today to protect charitable giving and public trust in nonprofits:

(1) Urge your Representative to vote NO on H.R.1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; and

(2) Ask your Senators to allow all taxpayers to benefit from the charitable deduction.

As early as Monday afternoon, the House will begin voting on H.R.1 and Senate Finance Committee Chair Orrin Hatch (Utah) will begin hearings on the Senate version.


Colorado Nonprofit Association opposes H.R. 1. because it reduces charitable giving, allows charities to engage in politics, imposes new taxes and reduces revenues that support nonprofits’ services to communities. As a member of this association, Food Bank of the Rockies shares their concern.

Although the Senate version makes several improvements to the House bill, it also nearly doubles the standard deduction, shrinking the number of taxpayers who can take the charitable deduction to 5 percent.

The Senate can still solve this problem by making the charitable deduction available to 100 percent of taxpayers.


1. Call or email your Representative and ask for a NO vote on H.R.1!

Message: “Please vote NO on the Tax Reform Bill. By reducing the number of taxpayers who can itemize their charitable deductions, 95% of taxpayers would receive no benefit from giving back to their communities. This change affects Colorado taxpayers who previously deducted $1.7 billion in contributions and would reduce charitable giving by $13 billion nationally.

The bill also diverts charitable giving to politics, which undermines public trust in the nonprofit community. These changes weaken the ability of nonprofits to meet the needs of communities throughout Colorado. Thank you!”

Twitter: .Representative’s Twitter Handle Vote NO on H.R.1! It reduces charitable giving and diverts tax-deductible donations to politics. It weakens public confidence in nonprofits’ ability to serve communities like ours. #TaxReform #JohnsonAmendment

2. Ask our Senators to make a universal charitable deduction part of the Senate Tax Reform bill!
• Senator Michael Bennet (202-224-5852) (contact form)
• Senator Cory Gardner (202) 224-5941 (contact form)

Message: “The Senate tax bill will cause millions to cut back on their donations to the work of charitable organizations serving our communities.
I’m calling to ask our Senator to tell Chairman Hatch that it’s essential to add a universal deduction for charitable giving to the Senate tax bill. This will encourage giving by enabling all Americans to benefit from giving back to the work of nonprofits in their communities. Thank you!”


Twitter: .@SenatorBennetCO .@SenCoryGardner Ask Chairman Hatch to add Universal Deduction for charitable giving for all American taxpayers to #taxreform!


Please contact us if you have questions!

Contact Your Members of Congress

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Contact Congress through Feeding America’s hotline:

  • Call the advocacy hotline at (888) 398-8702
  • Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted.
  • Connect to your Representative first.
  • Once you are connected to your Representative, state that you are a constituent and give your name and your hometown. Be sure to give the name of the food bank or local agency you are affiliated with as well.
  • Let them know why you are calling and deliver your message.
  • Dial back in to make sure you talk to both of your Senators and your Representative.
  • Recruit others by spreading the word through your social media channels and share our posts for call-in day so others can help too.

Thank you for reaching out with us!

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