We’re Really Good at Doing Good

Every dollar raised in Wyoming
stays in Wyoming
to feed our hungry neighbors.

We’re thoughtful stewards of your hard-earned funds.
96% of every dollar raised goes to food distribution.

If you’d like to learn more about our financials and details about our certifications, please contact us.

When We Do This Well…

  • Wyoming families have the food they need.
  • Pantries are full.
  • Fruits and vegetables are served at every meal.
  • Food is the fuel that builds the foundation for success.

Our Hunger Heroes inspire action!

  • Our agencies see us as an essential partner.
  • We share compelling stories.
  • Together we are engaged leaders.

Our Vision

Make food security a reality for every Wyoming family.


• Prioritize agency relationships and mutually build capacity to close the meal gap.
• Increase meals served in underserved communities.
• Strengthen the nutritional value of our product offerings.
• Lead and engage communities by telling our story effectively.

Every Facility Has Passed AIB Inspection